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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the players get picked?

A: Throughout the season, our scouts were attending games all over the region seeking talent.

Q: Does one ticket cover each game of the tournament?

A: Yes, a ticket covers all three days of the tournament. However, a separate ticket must be purchased for the other tournaments.

Q: Will college coaches be in attendance?

A: Yes, college coaches can actually attend for free.

Q: Can I be a vendor or sponsor for the events?

A: Yes, please get in touch with us through our 'Contact Us' page.

Q: Where can I buy a ticket?

A: You can use the 'Buy Ticket' button on the home page or use the 'Contact Us' page

Q: How do I know where my game is at?

A: All first round games will be in your county at the gym listed on the schedule.

Q: Do I have to pay to play?

A: No, you do not have to pay. You just have to complete our ticket promotion program.